Ameritron ALS-1306 transistor steg 1.2 KW

Ameritron ALS-1306 transistor steg 1.2 KW

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Beskrivning av artikel

Transistor steg för HF + 6m på 1.2KW

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Ameritron HF+6 1200W Solid State Amplifier 1.5-54 MHz . . .
1200 Watts PEP Output,
Instant Automatic band switching, no tuning, no warm-up,
SWR protected, Quiet Variable-Speed Cooling . . .
PEP FWD/REF Metering...
PA Balance /ALC Metering and LED Indicator . . .
Front Panel Band/Error LEDs . . . 

1200 Watts SSBOutput Power Covers 1.5-54 MHz (HF+ 6Meters!)

ALS-1306 runs up to 1200 Watts of clean SSB output power (just 100 Watts drive gives you the full rated 1200 Watts output) for continuous coverage between 1.5-54 MHz. 10/12 Meters is already included.

Operator-friendly layout fits nearly any station configuration. The attractive desktop amplifier unit weighs only 22 pounds. Compact 10W x 6 1/2H x 18 1/2D inches.

SWR Protection prevents amplifier damage if you switch to a wrong band, use the wrong antenna or have a high SWR. Over-power protection enables if output forward power or reflected power exceeds a safe level.

Output power is automatically reduced to prevent amplifier damage by controlling ALC to exciter. 

LED-illuminated Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter lets you read SWR, forward and reflected peak power simultaneously. You also get ALC, SWR, PA balance and current metering with LED back-light. An Operate/Standby switch lets you run “barefoot”, but you can instantly switch to full power if needed.

Front-panel ALC control!